• Transgressions by Sarah Dunant
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Author: Sarah Dunant

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Sarah Dunant, a television host in London, begins and ends her poignant and powerful Transgressions with music by Van Morrison. When Lizzie Skvorecky can't find her favorite Morrison compact disc, Enlightenment, she thinks it might have something to do with the breakup of her last romance. Lizzie, the British daughter of Czech immigrants, is a translator, and her latest job is a tough Czech crime novel involving torture and rape. At first she writes off the weird things happening around her to either her ex-lover or the influence of her work. But soon Lizzie realizes she's in serious trouble, stalked by a vicious rapist, and not even the police can protect her. So she takes things into her own hands. By the time the book ends with Morrison singing "The Healing Has Begun," you'll know you've been on a rough and memorable trip.

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