ISBN: 9781495115196

Uncommon Wisdom

Author: Ajaan Dick Silaratano

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Being near Ajaan Pa?, one sensed his palpable inner peace and serenity. His gaze was open, calm, and benevolent, free of conflict, bias or judgement. With his warmth, his wisdom and his compassion, Ajaan Pa? personified the nobility of the teachings. By his personal example, the Dhamma was rendered practical and vibrant with life. Earnest practitioners saw in his exemplary manner and in his freedom from attachments, the special teacher whom they longed to encounter. This book is printed for free distribution. It should not be sold. It has been made available through the faith, effort and generosity of people who wish to share the knowledge and understanding it contains with whomever is interested. The act of freely offering is itself part of what makes this a ?Dhamma publication,? a book dedicated to Buddhist principles.

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