What Planet Are You From, Clarice Bean?

By: Lauren Child

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This book is mostly about me, Clarice Bean, and saving the planet of earth.

What happens is, my older brother Kurt rushes in. You can tell something is wrong because he is running. (Kurt never runs.)

He says, 'The tree in our street is going to be chopped to pieces.' (It's probably a hundred years old.)

Everyone goes a bit down in the mouth. Kurt says he's going to make a plan of action to stop all the destruction.

Dad mutters, 'It's a shame he doesn't take action over all the destruction in his bedroom.

Mum says, 'I'm just glad he's going to do something that involves the word action.'

But how can Kurt save the planet all on his own? If only I could help but I will be in BIG trouble with Mrs Wilberron if I am late even for one measly day of school. ISBN:9781841211046

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ISBN 9781841211046